Sunday, June 20, 2010

Blog has moved

I just noticed that i didn't post a link to my blog on here since i started to work on it. well my new blog is mind of will it uses the same Google login so its easy to join and i actually update that one on a daily bases.

Tuesday, September 8, 2009

new classes

Well i'm starting my new classes now. seams okay for now, All my classes seam to be okay at least for now I only have one boaring class. Well thats okay I can just draw on my book i mean i did pay for it so why not use it for somwthing uses full i mean all thats in it is math and i already know that so might as well.

Wednesday, September 2, 2009


Okay i just say an add for some stop smoking drug that will get you to not want to smoke. sounds to good to be true well its not its the side effects that will kill you or better yet make you kill your self. it seams as though this drug causes you to not only want to kill your self buy it makes you try. not only that but it also seams that if you don't have this side effect while your on the drug. but it seams that stopping the drug also causes these side effects well i think i'll stick with the old stuff.
hey but atlest no one will try to sue them i mean it is really hard to sue someone after you die.

beta on beta

well for the pas eight or nine months i have been beta testing windows 7 and now that its about to come out and is no longer beta i tought i would be board. Well i was wrong few weeks ago 3 i think microsoft relased the beta for office 2010 and sent me and invite to test it got to say way cool and much more usefull now has features you wish were in 2007 and it saves in 2003 format by default meing it is much easyer to go back to the old one. But the one thing that i found to be most usefull was the powerpoint. ever do a power point only to find out the computer with the projector won't open your file. Well microsoft finially fixed that bug in the colest way possible. insted of fixing the issue that cause the problem they just came up with something else. they came up with broadcast for your powerpoint now all the computer needs is a web broswer and your power point will work. good job and its about time miccrosoft added that.
Bit the fun doesn't end there i just finially finished getting all the beta drivers and software for windows7 and got this really cool new set of software that comes right of of windos surface. with the beta drivers and software and having one of the Three computers on the market that can have mulitouch testing this software has become way more fun and now my computer seams much more usefull. but with the few apps that microsoft will let out from surface it is worth it. TY
he best wold have to be virtual earth making looking so much more intractive and natral. so far all i see are good things for mulitouch.
now i can't wait for the actual surface OS to be leaked somewhere that will be intresting to play with but till then this will do.

Monday, August 31, 2009

TV or pc at&t take over

While looking for the weather app on my TV i found a new app that was added by at&t. It was a sharing app that as long as your computer is on it lets you look at your photos and play music thats on your computer on your tv. this is fun but there is a few catches first and by far the funniest is it only works with pc's so all you mac users out there sorry but you still need to do what ever you were doing before, the seconds thing is you need the new windows media player which is fine cause windows updates that with out you asking. but over all its fun and it works. just a bit creepy though at&t now has a network with access to everything that has a connection to anything. but very cool cause they did what i was trying to do for a few months for me and they did it for free. Now we just need need to get at&t under control before they buy cisco and and take over everything.
but hey cisco could be evil and buy at&t but anyway you put it theses two join we aer ether screwed or in luck depending on who owns the company.
p.s good luck stopping at&t this time US government

Monday, August 24, 2009

First day of school

well as everyone knows today is the first day of school for everyone oh so fun. But for me today is the first day of my break. My two week break from school starts today and not only that but i have already finish my first set of classes yay me. 12 cridets down and a GPA of 4.0. Yeah well i haven't put anything in all summer but it wasn't because of class so now that I am done with them for now i can get to do some of the things i want l8ike work on a few new designs. Which I will put up for everyone to see as i get them done. And yay for night classes no more waking up early in the morning woot well no more waking up early untill i start working but i at least won't have to this week I think.

Tuesday, May 26, 2009

very nice

Just watch this video it shows something very true, of both how people feel about mac's PC's and the user that have them. personally i am a PC person but i have nothing against mac's. But still the mac's cheated personally i thought it would win with out having to cheat but guess not.